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Ugly-Pants Alert! Brainless Candy

Now I’m thinking of all the nasty sayings that could fit on a candy heart.

And no, that’s not a stalker at right; it’s our own Secondshade. He’s creepy, of course, but not in a stalker kind of way.

Our Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza goes through tomorrow evening.

Brainless Candy

Ugly-Pants Alert! Oh, Oh, Catch That Buzz

Love is the Ugg I’m thinking of.

Oh, Catch That Buzz

Ugly-Pants Alert! Ugg-Ugg-a-Drug

Betty Boop’s trippin’.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Hello Shitty

Goodbye dignity.

Hello Shitty

The Seventh Day of Fugmas: So This Is Christmas

And what have you done?

So This Is Christmas

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV

We do ladies’ things! Wearing counterfeit bags, mindlessly following trends, shivering in the cold … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

(Shudder at more Two Ladies.)

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV