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Ugly-Pants Alert! Help Point

I think it’s too late.

Thus we begin our Theme of the Week: Splotches!

Help Point

Ugly-Pants Alert! Watermelon Mojito

But neither sweet nor refreshing.

Watermelon Mojito

One Small Step for [a] Woman

One giant flop for womankind.

At least her friend had the sense to wear a muted outfit with that bold scarf.

One Small Step for [a] Woman

Ugly-Pants Alert! We Would Shout and Swim About

The coral that lies beneath the waves.

We Would Shout and Swim About

Ugly-Pants Alert! Checking Out

I think she did a long time ago.

Thanks go to Ashley for the photo.

Checking Out

Ugly-Pants Alert! Mad Props

Carrot Top’s mom needs an intervention.

This comedienne of errors opens our Theme of the Week: Animal Print and Fur!

Mad Props

Ugly-Pants Alert! Completely Recyclable

I doubt it. No one’s going to want any of this.

Completely Recyclable