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I’m Back!

Sorry for the long absence; I guess, after over three years of blogging, I needed a longer break than I thought I’d need.

My schedule has changed a bit, and I probably won’t be able to do two posts a day, but I’ll try to do at least one.

The Theme of the Week is Socks and Leg Warmers!

I'm Back!

Ugly-Pants Alert! Off Course

To me these just scream golf. They would be fine on the links, where bold colors and patterns are acceptable and even commonplace. For walking around the city and taking in the sights? Not so much.

Off Course

Dog Day Afternoon

I don’t always remember the circumstances surrounding a photograph, but the clock reminds me about this one. I was on my lunch break, heading for the park, when I saw this woman coming towards me. Once she passed, I waited a respectable amount of time before turning around. By then, a crowd had gotten between us, so I had to hustle. See what I do for you people?

Dog Day Afternoon

Does She Nazi the Problem?

Red bootlaces are sometimes associated with neo-Nazi and skinhead movements. Urban dictionary says that they are:

Color coded shoelaces used by the skinhead movement. Signifies that the skinhead has committed [sic] a violent act against whoever the heck it is skinheads hate these days.

Forum participants on that bastion of critical thought, [warning: racist “white-pride” site], have remarked:

I’ve always heard red means you’ve “spilled blood” usually by fighting someone or attacking someone but necessarily killing anyone.

Boot laces were usually in support of your soccer team.… It did end up crossing over. I always hear:… Red: Honor the blood spilt to preserve the race.

The color [Red] shoelaces/suspenders means/symbolizes our “Blood” or “Race” with equally meaning in Paganism as well Christianity and both Pagan and Christian scriptures.… So when Skinheads … use Red and White shoelaces and or suspenders it means (The purity of the blood of our White race and people).

Growing up in the San Fransico [sic] bay area durring [sic] the early 80’s … [r]ed laces on oxblood Doc’s meant neo-nazi gang member.

I’m not suggesting that this woman is a neo-Nazi, skinhead, or anything like that. I don’t even remember what race she is. (If I had to guess I’d say white, not because she’s a racist, but because white hipsters are usually the ones who wear stupid shit like this.) However, she might want to explore the history of the red bootlace and alter her boots accordingly.

In any case, she is our Footwear Felon of the Week!

Does She Nazi the Problem?

She’s Not in the Mood to Be Stared At

She said nothing about being photographed. (Scroll down for rear view.)

Her sign is disingenuous: surely she’s dressing like that to be noticed. How could she expect not to be? And if she’s as anti-establishment as her outfit suggests, shouldn’t she be growing her own ingredients and making her own pesto quinoa rather than supporting a massive global company like Aldi, owner of Trader Joe’s?

That sounds good, pesto quinoa. I’ve got to get Secondshade on that. Enjoy the Specimen of the Week. She might be Specimen of the Year; she’s certainly one of the best I’ve ever found. What do you think?

She's Not in the Mood to Be Stared At 1

She's Not in the Mood to Be Stared At 1

In Less than Mint Condition

I would have let her go, but the accessories bother me. In yesterday’s example, the matching of the bag and footwear was cutesy and ridiculous; here, in the face of all this vibrant color, matching the two would have served to tone the whole outfit down. Also, she should have chosen a light neutral like white or beige and not have tried to match the shirt, an effort that was bound to fail.


Pixel-Pushing Perfectionism

Writing concise, straightforward job ads is a dying art. Much of the copy I see is clichéd, verbose, and self-aggrandizing, like the examples I give here. This douche seems like just the type to write shit like this. (And look who’s in the background—our old friend Perestinka!)

We ask that you bring enthusiasm, pixel-pushing perfectionism, smiles through the storms and boundary-pushing thinking with you each day. We’re here to help you cultivate your craft and hone your strategic thinking around a client’s needs. Problem solving, take-the-initiative-and-run-with-it type of people would fit in best.

We’re looking for an Indiana Jones of copywriting—someone both intellectual and adventurous—to deliver smart, bloggy copy for an audience of equity traders while serving as the driving force behind the in-house content team.

When you hear New Business do you think of innovation, ideation and a chance to take a brand to the next level, both in terms of brand identity and campaigns? If so, this is the job for you!! Our client is seeking to up their game on the new business front with out of the box, innovative thinking creative super minds! They are currently seeking people who have good technical acumen but who also can elevate design and bring big ideas to the table. The ideal is someone who understands full campaigns and and [sic] how the digital part can truly add the wow factor. They are seeking people who can ideate for web and micro sites, but who can also execute and have hands on digital chops to bring digital elements to life.

We’re looking for someone who gets out of bed in the morning excited about helping people sleep better every night and building unique and engaging designs by day.

The right candidate will also be comfortable in an intimate office environment, where hard work and focus is accompanied by a friendly, prank-prone atmosphere.

You think about holistic experiences and how they fit into a grand eco-system.

We want to see concepts that make us go all goose-fleshy. We want to see artwork and layouts that move us to quiet tears. And we want your next idea to be even better. Sound like your bag?

We believe in superior service and meticulous quality. We are looking for more than just a great designer, we need someone who wants to be part of the growth and success of the company. THIS POSITION IS NOT FOR SOMEONE WHO IS SIMPLY LOOKING TO COLLECT A PAYCHECK. THIS POSITION IS FOR THE PERSON WHO IS LOOKING TO BE AN VALUABLE ASSET TO THE COMPANY.

Pixel-Pushing Perfectionism

If Ever We Needed a Bonfire

I’m sorry, Brits. I truly am. If you want to declare war on us, I’ll understand. However, note the socks: is she trying to make a statement about UK-US amity, or is she just one of those clueless people who think that everything red, white, and blue has to do with America?

Tomorrow we turn from our celebration of Guy Fawkes Day—if you can call it a celebration—and back to our regularly scheduled Theme.

If Ever We Needed a Bonfire