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Ugly-Pants Poll! Oppan Gingham Style


(Here’s the reference, in case you want to torture yourself aurally and visually. )

Exhibit A: Red Pimpin’

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Green Gangsta

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit B

The Sixth Day of Fugmas: Her Sight Is Turned Way Down Low

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Her Sight Is Turned Way Down Low

Ugly-Pants Poll! Dippy Tipis

Exhibit A: Bent Tents

Dippy Tipis, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Dodgy Lodges

Dippy Tipis, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pantsuit Poll! Matching Witless

Exhibit A: My, Isn’t She Proud of Herself?

Thanks go to Snapper for this photo.

Matching Witless, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Banana Nut Muffin

Matching Witless, Exhibit B

Swan Lake

Exhibit A: Odette

Swan Lake, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Odile II

(You’ll remember the first Odile.)

Swan Lake, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pants Poll! They Put the Ho in Hosanna

Happy Easter to our Christian readers! Don’t forget to vote in our previous crucifix-pants poll.

Exhibit A: Going Your Way

They Put the Ho in Hosanna, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Hot Cross Buns

They Put the Ho in Hosanna, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pants Poll! Holy Guacamole!

The pattern we saw on this fruitcake is, I’m sorry to say, gaining popularity.

Exhibit A: Froot Loops

Holy Guacamole!, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Cultural Insensitivity

(At the National Museum of the American Indian)

Holy Guacamole!, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Pattern of Criminality

Holy Guacamole!, Exhibit C


Exhibit D: Off-Color Joke

Holy Guacamole!, Exhibit D

Ugly-Pants Poll! Bandanarama

Exhibit A: Loose Fit

Bandanarama, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Tight Fit

Bandanarama, Exhibit B