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Have Thong—Will Travel

“Her ass looks like it’s sinking to mid-thigh. And of course she’s got a scooter. A cooter scooter.”—Secondshade

Scroll down to see the scooter. This panty paladin is our Specimen of the Week!

Have Thong—Will Travel 1

Have Thong—Will Travel 2

Modigliani’s Nightmare

Sadness in the Rain.

Modigliani's Nightmare


Burn the jacket and the shirt.


She’s a Little Verklempt

Talk amongst yourselves.

She's a Little Verklempt

Novelty Value

“It’s like a whole Spencer’s exploded on her legs.”—Secondshade

Novelty Value

Ugly-Pants Alert! She Puts the Booty in Boteh

It was a tough choice among several qualified candidates, but this one best exemplifies the horrors to which paisley (boteh) can be put. She is our Specimen of the Week!

She Puts the Booty in Boteh

Ugly-Pants Alert! Flagella

She should flagellate herself.