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Chief Standing Douche, Part II

I’m sure you remember him. My three sightings of him occurred in mid to late winter in three consecutive years, at the same bus stop. He’s a harbinger of spring! He has earned his own category.

Chief Standing Douche, Part II

Chief Standing Douche

I first saw him in February 2013 (first photo). He earned much scorn on Facebook:

Release the hounds!

His stance makes this even more funny. It does look like he’s trying to communicate with the spirits of the douchebag.

God, I hate those NARUTO cosplayers. Wait, what?

That’s the classic “just checkin’ to see if still I got testicles” posture.

You are jealous of his Uggs.

I think this guy got them off of a hobo he murdered and skinned.

WANTED: One herd of yaks for lonely midtown Manhattan yak herder.… And pussy.

A nose flute, my kingdom for a nose flute.

Did he have really bad teeth? Something makes me expect him to have rotted out ugly teeth.

Just a wandering tribesman longing for a taste of home, seeking a food truck serving some hot manioc.

I’m pretty sure that’s a throw pillow atop his head, and he’s only wearing it because of the brain-chilling temps.

Actually, a well-chilled brain might explain the rest of the attire. Nothing can explain the murse, though.

Chief Standing Douche is on his way to see his friend, Two Dogs Fucking, for a night on the town drinking the white man’s firewater and stealing their women.

I found him again in March 2014 (second photo), in the same spot. Our chief has lost his horse, apparently, and has to take the bus.

Chief Standing Douche 1

Chief Standing Douche 2