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Ugly-Pants Alert! Hiked Up

Groceries are so expensive these days.

I wasn’t able to post much last week, so this week I’ll continue with the theme of Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Hiked Up

Ugly-Pants Alert! You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

But you can make a fairly accurate assumption.

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Ugly-Pants Alert! In Flagrant Fields the Poppies Blow

Between the diamonds, row on row.

We break from our regularly scheduled Theme to wish our American readers a Happy Memorial Day.

In Flagrant Fields the Poppies Blow

Ugly-Pants Alert! Plagues of Egypt, Part II

We wish our Jewish readers a happy Passover. Don’t forget to vote in the poll in Part I, which was our Passover post two years ago.

Our regularly scheduled Theme resumes tomorrow.

Plagues of Egypt, Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Geroniho

A stout and colorful figure, and our Specimen of the Week!


Ugly-Pants Alert! The Hills Are Alive

With the look of tacky.

The Hills Are Alive

Barnes & Noble Savage

“I see more atrocious outfits here in the lap of rich white hipsterville than almost anywhere,” writes Ashley, who found this specimen in the Barnes & Noble café.

Barnes & Noble Savage