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Special Update! Squaring the Circle

A pair of black and white, geometrically patterned pants was the subject of a three-way poll back in August. Today, our San Francisco correspondent Snapper found someone else wearing them! Including another sighting by me (which I was unable to photograph), we’re up to five instances of this nauseating garment.

[Update to the Update—November 22, 2014. A sixth sighting! These pants have earned their own category.]

Squaring the Circle, Exhibit D

Ugly-Pants Poll! Squaring the Circle


[Special Update—November 18, 2014. Another sighting of these pants!]

[Update to the Update—November 22, 2014. Yet another! These pants have earned their own category.]

Exhibit A: Slouchy McButterbag

Squaring the Circle, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Muffin Tops to Go

Squaring the Circle, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Hipster Huggy Bear’s Woman

(Those of you who followed my Ugly-Pants Alerts on Facebook may remember her.)

Squaring the Circle, Exhibit C