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The Lady in Red Is Walking with Me

(Ass) cheek to cheek.

Fittingly, our AIDS Walk retrospective draws to a close with a specimen we found after we’d finished the walk proper. In total, we covered 13 miles that day, walking to and from the park as well as covering the official route. I wonder if the Lady in Red and her pal were as tired as we were.

The Lady in Red Is Walking with Me

Ugly-Pants Alert! Crapple

The worst stuff on earth.


Pillage of the Community

I’m not criticizing this woman for her outfit, but for what’s in her bag: a load of the goodies that the event organizers give out along the route. This is what I hate about AIDS Walk—the looting. Taking more than one or two free samples would be tacky in any context, but at a charitable event, it’s disgusting. How many little bags of chips and apple slices does a person need?

I assume that she did the whole walk, but I’ve seen people just pop in at the rest stops or at the end, grab handfuls of stuff, and leave.

Pillage of the Community

Red-Headed Stranger

He’s totally color coordinated, but his style is haphazard: athletic on the bottom, weekend casual above, and hipster on top. What look was he going for, I wonder.

Red-Headed Stranger

Ugly-Pants Alert! STERILIZE

When I was coming out of the port-o-potty (I know, but it was hot and I’d had a lot of water), these ladies asked to use some of my hand sanitizer. I should have extracted a promise that they’d sterilize these pants a la NOMAD.


Ugly-Pants Alert! She’s Been Left on Her Own

Like a rainbow in the park.

She's Been Left on Her Own