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Ugly-Pants Alert! Everyone Knows It’s Windy


Everyone Knows It's Windy

Chocolate Salt Lake City

“It’s like the Osmonds formed a P-Funk cover band.”—Secondshade

Of course she was white, and of course she was coming out of Whole Foods. There should be a special place in hell for posers like this, where they’d have to shop at bodegas and Good Will unironically, drink mass-market beer, and forgo plaid.

No competition—she is our Specimen of the Week.

Chocolate Salt Lake City

Oh the Japanity! Part XXX

She raped an exhibition of Asian silk paintings.

Appraise more Japanity here.

Oh the Japanity! Part XXX

Ugly-Pants Alert! Completely Recyclable

I doubt it. No one’s going to want any of this.

Completely Recyclable

Siberian Tigress

In Soviet Russia, the cat skins you.

Siberian Tigress

The Colour Out of Space

Never were things of such size seen before, and they held strange colours that could not be put into any words. Their shapes were monstrous, and the horse had snorted at an odour which struck Stephen as wholly unprecedented. That afternoon several persons drove past to see the abnormal growth, and all agreed that plants of that kind ought never to sprout in a healthy world.

—H.P. Lovecraft, “The Colour Out of Space” (1927)

The Color Out of Space