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Ugly-Pants Alert! Not What the Doctor Ordered

“I spotted her looking at Doctor Who stuff and waited for her to move, because the space pants and the Doctor were too clichéd,” writes Ashley.

Not What the Doctor Ordered

Ugly-Pants Alert! Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

Are those horses or lions on her bag? And what is the pattern on the leggings supposed to be?

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

Ugly-Pants Alert! A Problem of Perception

“It’s like one of those Magic Eye prints. You relax your eyes and you see a whore.”—Secondshade

With this insightful (not sorry!) comment, we start our Theme of the Week: Splotches!

A Problem of Perception

Run, Rabbit, Run! Part II

Like the specimen in Part I, she is our Footwear Felon of the Week!

Run, Rabbit, Run! Part II

He’s Talkin’ about X!

I only know that your last name … your last name, X, is a symbol … of which all African Americans, from old Mississippi preachers to the Yankee Stadium bleachers. From the topper down, not the bottom up. Gibbety gibbety. Rat-a-tat-tat. I’m talkin’ about X!

X as in great civil rights leader Malcolm X. X as in five-star Las Vegas hotel Excalibur. X as in X-Files, or the show Extra, which is better than Inside Edition. X as in the movie Exorcist III. X as in the band X, and not the Brand X. The X-Man, Nightcrawler and Colossus. X as in I’ll … take … Charlie … Weaver … to block!

—Darrell Hammond as Jesse Jackson, The Dark Side with Nat X, Saturday Night Live

He's Talkin' about X!

Blame It on the Rain

I could have lived with the skirt or dress on its own, but those boots? No.

Blame It on the Rain

Almost Dressed to the Nines

Why don’t you dash into Nine West and get yourself a decent pair of boots? And maybe Loft for pants that don’t give you visible panty line. I’ll wait here.

Almost Dressed to the Nines