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String of Failures

“I really took this for the amazing boots, but the lanyard in her pocket really adds a special touch. I wish I could have gotten a shot of her white-girl weave.”

That’s ok, Ashley—I think we’ve seen enough. Your specimen leads off our Theme of the Week: Felonious Footwear!

String of Failures

Ugly-Pants Alert! Vomitorium

“Individually, every element is bad. Together they form a consortium of puke. Why is it that most people who wear muscle shirts have no muscles?”

Good question, Snapper. Thanks for submitting this specimen, who is our Color Abuser of the Week!

Vomitorium 1 Vomitorium 2

Ugly-Pants Alert! Cheese Rolls to Go

“Stay Puft American-cheese-slice bitch.”—Secondshade

Cheese Rolls to Go

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Cut of His Jib

Is ridiculous.

So ends our miniseries of hipsters in black clothing and hats.

The Cut of His Jib

Oh the Japanity! Part XVII (Cornfield, Scene III)

“Yoko with rickets.”—Secondshade

I told you I wasn’t done with her. Henceforth she shall be called Yoko of the Cornfield. As she’s appeared on the site three times, she has earned her own category.

(More Japanity is available here.)

Oh the Japanity!, Part XVII (Cornfield, Scene III)

Has He Ever Seen the Rain?

“Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose to wear a felt hat in the rain?”—Secondshade

We’ll continue to present hipsters in black clothing and hats through tomorrow, Black Friday!

Has He Ever Seen the Rain?

He’ll Fear Not What Men Say

He’ll labor Night and Day,
To be a Pilgrim.

—John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678)

Scroll down for side view. The hat looks like a traditional hat of Secondshade’s people. I’m convinced that Secondshade has one of these babies hidden in the closet.

He'll Fear Not What Men Say 1

He'll Fear Not What Men Say 2