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Ms. Swan’s Protégée

“Regional manager of the Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon.”—Secondshade

(Don’t get all uptight on me now. Secondshade is allowed to make this crack about his own people.)

This stylin’ stylist reveals our Theme of the Week: Floral Patterns!

Ms. Swan's Protégée

She Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout Her Bad Reputation

“Do you see now why I won’t let her touch my hair?” writes Ashley, who has photographed her before. “My sister said she’s from Philly—like that’s an excuse for how she dresses.”

(Bonus: I just read that Joan Jett was born in a suburb of Philly [snort].)

She Don't Give a Damn 'Bout Her Bad Reputation

Puttin’ On the Shitz

The 1920s called; they said to please jump in front of a Tin Lizzie.

Puttin' On the Shitz