Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Sirious Problem

Rather than give them directions to another thrift shop, Siri self-destructed.

A Sirious Problem

Ugly-Pants Alert! No Gay Friends

“If the owner and operator of a vagina does not know that you’re not supposed to mix patterns like that, it’s obvious that she does not have any gay friends.”—Secondshade

With this homodeficient specimen, we kick off our Theme of the Week: Pattern Mismatch!

No Gay Friends

Ugly-Pants Alert! A Fish Called Wacko

“She’s farting out M.C. Escher’s fractal fish and a pack of Starbursts.”—Secondshade

The Little Mermaid, Taco Bell, and the Ouroborass made a good showing, but as far as  inexplicability—our Theme this week—the Wacko conquers all. She is our Specimen of the Week!

A Fish Called Wacko

Ugly-Pants Alert! Ariel Needs an Intervention

Life on the streets has not been kind to the LIttle Mermaid.

Ariel Needs an Intervention