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Ugly-Pants Alert! The Plant Whisperer

Actually, “the Plant Screamer” would be more accurate, though I couldn’t tell what or whom he was yelling at. The pattern of the cap matched that of the pants, and the front of his t-shirt read “GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON” in military-style stencil. So many questions….

Plant Whisperer

The Industry Needs a Serious Kick in the Ass

Loyal reader Carl offers this pearl of wisdom:

Okay, if clothes aren’t being made to accommodate female bodies then the industry needs a serious kick in the ass. Because as a man I think you’re just as pretty in a mini skirt, sundress, jeans and tee-shirt, or a burlap sack. So, if you’re dressing up it’s for you. Shouldn’t you have clothes that fit you properly?

Indeed. I couldn’t have explained this blog’s philosophy more succintly.

Ugly-Pants Alert! Mish-M*A*S*H

Looks like Corporal Klinger’s still working on that Section 8.

Thanks to our good soldier Snapper for the pic.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Woman with a Pearl Necklace

Pearls and delicate peach-colored flats are natural accessories for camo, don’t you think?

This week, we’re featuring camouflage, both proper camo designs that have been inappropriately deployed, and unauthorized modifications of the patterns themselves.

Woman with a Pearl Necklace


Ugly-Pants Alert! Sister Golden Hair

The pants are ugly, the top is slutty, and the hair is just bizarre, but all I can say is … magnificent! Whatever this look is supposed to be, she is working it. Brava!

Sister Golden Hair