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Plastic Ono She Didn’t, Part II

As hard on the eyes as Yoko’s “music” is on the ears. See Part I.

Plastic Ono She Didn't, Part II

Plastic Ono She Didn’t

I had shoes like these … when I was eight and would run around under the sprinkler in the yard.

Plastic Bomb

Oh the Japanity! Part XVII (Cornfield, Scene III)

“Yoko with rickets.”—Secondshade

I told you I wasn’t done with her. Henceforth she shall be called Yoko of the Cornfield. As she’s appeared on the site three times, she has earned her own category.

(More Japanity is available here.)

Oh the Japanity!, Part XVII (Cornfield, Scene III)

Oh the Japanity! Part XV (Cornfield Redux)

You remember her, right? And I’m not done with her! Stay tuned.

These are overalls, by the way.

(Be appalled by more Japanity here.)

Oh the Japanity! Part XV (Cornfield Redux)

Oh the Japanity! Part II

Please, son, wish it into the cornfield.

(Glimpse more Japanity here.)

Oh the Japanity! Part II