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Ugly-Pants Alert! Unlucky Star

Her ass has gone supernova.

Unlucky Star

Ugly-Pants Alert! Lotus Poser

We get it. You do yoga. You’re so much better than we are.

Lotus Poser

Ugly-Pants Alert! Frondzone

An unpleasant place to be.

Happy Palm Sunday to our Christian readers. The Theme of the Week starts this evening.


Ugly-Pants Alert! What Gives?

Rather, “Who gives?” She appeared at the blood center while I was waiting for Secondshade to finish donating. I commend her for her generosity, but we should all be glad that bad taste isn’t transmissible through blood.

What Gives?

Ugly-Pants Alert! Moving Violation

Texting while crossing the street is the least of her offenses.

Moving Violation

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Ghost of Fritz Lang Called

He wants the backdrop to Metropolis back.

The Ghost of Fritz Lang Called