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Ugly-Pants Alert! Wookiee for Trouble

Call the police. Someone’s tried to run over Chewbacca’s wife.

Wookiee for Trouble

The Sixth Day of Fugmas: Wookiee for Love

In all the wrong places.

Wookiee for Love

Ugly-Pants Alert! Triple Murder

A cow had to die for the vest, a wookiee for the sleeves, and the dignity of the human race for the pants.

Triple Murder

Felonious-Footwear Poll! Wookiee Shavers

Wookiee Shavers
Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Morticia Addams Needs Help

Wookiee Shavers, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: The Rest of Chewbacca’s Body Is in That Bag

Wookiee Shavers, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Pinky Left Her Brain at Home

Wookiee Shavers, Exhibit C