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Ugly-Pants Alert! Getting Schooled

“I think the wellies were a nice touch on this 70-degree day,” writes Annie B. “And they kinda match her bra, which I really didn’t need to see.”

Getting Schooled

Walkin’ Around, Some Kind of Lonely Clown

Rainy days and Mondays always get her down.

Walkin' Around, Some Kind of Lonely Clown

American Thighs

They’re knocking me out, but not in the way the song intended.

American Thighs

Jasper Johns’ Nightmare

“One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag. The next night I dreamed that I saw my painting on someone’s ass.”

Jasper Johns' Nightmare

Blame It on the Rain

I could have lived with the skirt or dress on its own, but those boots? No.

Blame It on the Rain

Ugly-Pants Alert! Orderly Fashion

Maybe she works in a hospital, and it’s her job to clean out the basement when it floods.

Orderly Fashion

Fur-Vest Poll! Ho-Magnons

Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Stick Up Her Ass

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Mange

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Manhunter

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit C


Exhibit D: Unfrozen Cavewoman Tourist

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit D


Exhibit E: High-Class Ho

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit E