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Does She Nazi the Problem?

Red bootlaces are sometimes associated with neo-Nazi and skinhead movements. Urban dictionary says that they are:

Color coded shoelaces used by the skinhead movement. Signifies that the skinhead has committed [sic] a violent act against whoever the heck it is skinheads hate these days.

Forum participants on that bastion of critical thought, Stormfront.org [warning: racist “white-pride” site], have remarked:

I’ve always heard red means you’ve “spilled blood” usually by fighting someone or attacking someone but necessarily killing anyone.

Boot laces were usually in support of your soccer team.… It did end up crossing over. I always hear:… Red: Honor the blood spilt to preserve the race.

The color [Red] shoelaces/suspenders means/symbolizes our “Blood” or “Race” with equally meaning in Paganism as well Christianity and both Pagan and Christian scriptures.… So when Skinheads … use Red and White shoelaces and or suspenders it means (The purity of the blood of our White race and people).

Growing up in the San Fransico [sic] bay area durring [sic] the early 80’s … [r]ed laces on oxblood Doc’s meant neo-nazi gang member.

I’m not suggesting that this woman is a neo-Nazi, skinhead, or anything like that. I don’t even remember what race she is. (If I had to guess I’d say white, not because she’s a racist, but because white hipsters are usually the ones who wear stupid shit like this.) However, she might want to explore the history of the red bootlace and alter her boots accordingly.

In any case, she is our Footwear Felon of the Week!

Does She Nazi the Problem?

Ugly-Pants Alert! She Puts the Terror in Terra-Cotta

What a crackpot.

She Puts the Terror in Terra-Cotta

It’s a Mad, Bad, Sad, Plaid World

Especially at Whole Foods.

I hope she goes back on her meds soon. For now she’s our Specimen of the Week!

It's a Mad, Bad, Sad, Plaid World

Día de Calcetines Estúpidos

Day of the Stupid Socks.

Our Halloween and Day of the Dead Extravaganza goes through this evening.

Día de Calcetines Estúpidos

Do You Know Where You’re Going To

Do you like the things that life’s been showing you?

Do You Know Where You're Going To

Moron in Maroon

Berk in burgundy? Dickhead in brick red?

Ok, maybe he doesn’t deserve that. But I will say that people who wear floral prints to botanic gardens bear watching.

Moron in Maroon

Coyote Fugly

“Did you notice the howling coyotes?” asks Wendy. “Damn hipsters. This is why we can’t have nice things.” She notes that the shoes run from $450 to $600 a pair.

I like the composition of the photo, though.

Coyote Fugly

Ugly-Pants Alert! Pop (T)art

“It’s like Roy Lichtenstein vomited all over her pants.”—Secondshade

Pop (T)art