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Fluff Piece

I would have let her go, but the gloves are too precious.

Fluff Piece

Ugly-Pants Poll! A Schlockwork Orange

A Schlockwork Orange
Who should be named Specimen of the Week?


I was set to present Exhibit A as our Striped Specimen of the Week when I captured the similarly trousered Specimen B. Now I can’t decide who should receive the title, so I’m putting it to the vote.

Exhibit A: The Shoddy Shopper

A Schlockwork Orange, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: The Trashy Trekker

A Schlockwork Orange, Exhibit B

Imagine All the People

“She looks like a one-woman UN convention of international bitches.”–Secondshade

I think she owes the ghost of John Lennon an apology. Scroll down for close-up of the gloves.

One Woman Convention of International Bitches

One Woman Convention of International Bitches, Close-Up

Knee-Deep in Fug

A couple of ill-considered uses of knee socks:

Terribly underdressed for the weather, she had to cancel her audition for Catholic Schoolgirls Gone Wild.

Catholic Schoolgirl Gone Wild

The desperate-office-temp sartorial mullet: business up front, tackiness all around. (Does Michael’s corpse know that its glove is missing?)

Desperate-Office-Temp Sartorial Mullet