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Ugly-Pants Alert! A Woman of Letters

“If she rubs her legs together, does she make a vowel?”—Secondshade

This letter-imperfect specimen opens our Theme of the Week: Geometric and Abstract Patterns!

A Woman of Letters

Ugly-Pants Alert! Packing a Punch

It looks as if a fist is about to sock her right in the ass. I approve.

Packing a Punch

Ugly-Pants Alert! Pickpocket

He should pick up his pants while he’s at it.

This sad sagger starts our Theme of the Week: Wardrobe Malfunctions!


Ugly-Pants Alert! Wholesale Devastation

“My weekly trip to Costco yielded this. They were horrible. I wish the picture weren’t so blurry so you could see the true horror.”

That’s ok, Ashley. I think this is all the horror we can bear. Thanks for the photo.

Wholesale Devastation

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Ass Distortion Field Revisited

Almost two years ago now I explained the ass distortion field (ADF), and since then we’ve had many examples of it. Here’s a variation on the phenomenon: pants that create an ADF not with a pattern but with the absence of one.

The Ass Distortion Field Revisited

Footwear Flotsam, Part III—Feline Edition

Entries 21 through 25 in our Footwear Flotsam category display leopard-print boots. See more Flotsam here.

Footwear Flotsam 21

Footwear Flotsam 22

Footwear Flotsam 23

Footwear Flotsam 24

Footwear Flotsam 25

Ugly-Pants Alert! Punch Drunk

“It’s the ghetto assbaby of the Kool-Aid guy and Hawaiian Punch.”—Secondshade

Punch Drunk