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Ugly-Pants Alert! Not So Streetwise

We’re all happy that you do yoga and wear expensive boots. Now would you please get out of the street? I don’t want to have to hang around as an eyewitness to vehicular homicide.

Not So Streetwise

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

Ashley notes that these are two-toned stockings and that they have a bear design on the front. I think we can all be glad that we’ve been spared the front view.

In honor of the third specimen from the Tamale Kitchen, I’ve made Not-So-Hot Tamale a category!

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

Footwear Flotsam, Part III—Feline Edition

Entries 21 through 25 in our Footwear Flotsam category display leopard-print boots. See more Flotsam here.

Footwear Flotsam 21

Footwear Flotsam 22

Footwear Flotsam 23

Footwear Flotsam 24

Footwear Flotsam 25