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Ugly-Pants Alert! Pride Goeth before a Fall

Literally—he was at San Francisco Pride.

Scroll down for a closer view of the pants. Thanks go to Snapper for the photos.

Pride Goeth before a Fall 1

Pride Goeth before a Fall 2

Just a Squirrel Tryin’ to Get a Nut

I think all this item will attract are nuts. And is it me, or does the squirrel look kind of pervy, like a flasher?

Margaret found this online, and I thought it was appropriately autumnal for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled Theme.

Just a Squirrel Tryin' to Get a Nut

Woo Hoo, Witchy Woman

She’d have to be flying pretty high to think this was a good look … on October 12, the day I took the photo.

Woo Hoo, Witchy Woman

Coat of Many Colors

Can we sell her to the Midianites?

Coat of Many Colors

Grunge Match

“Did they get lost and not realize that they’re not in Seattle.”—Secondshade

No contest: these two Vedderites and their mom are our Specimens of the Week!

Grunge Match

Ugly-Pants Alert! Pine Nut

Don’t shake her tree.

Pine Nut

Over Bridge of Sighs, to Rest My Eyes in Shades of Green

Under dreaming spires,
To Itchycoo Park, that’s where I’ve been.

(Thanks go to Snapper for the photo.)

Over Bridge of Sighs, to Rest My Eyes in Shades of Green

The Ninth Day of Fugmas: City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

Dressed in DayGlo and black.
In the air, there’s a feeling of horror.

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks