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That’s a Wrap

I think, with a dress underneath, and leggings underneath that.

That's a Wrap

Oh the Japanity! Part XXIX

I think Tinky Winky-san is about to toss his sushi.

Oh the Japanity! Part XXIX

The Scarecrow Called

He wants his gunny sack back.

The Scarecrow Called

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Chess-shire Cat

“It’s like a crazy, unfuckable cat lady went to Chess King.”—Secondshade

The Chess-shire Cat

Ugly-Pants Alert! Bloomin’ Onion

This thing is like an onion. The more layers you peel, the more it stinks.
—George Costanza, “The Soul Mate,” Seinfeld [hit minute 1:10]

Speaking of stink, I direct you to the sandals—scroll down.

Bloomin' Onion

Bloomin' Onion, Sandals

Ugly-Pants Poll! Clinging Vines

Clinging Vines
Who wore it better?

Exhibit A: Magenta Marjorie

Clinging Vines, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Neutral Nellie

Clinging Vines, Exhibit B