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Good Morning, Campers

I’m your Auntie Douchey and I welcome you to Tommy’s Holiday Camp!
The camp with the difference, never mind the weather.
When you come to Tommy’s, it’s fugliness forever!

(With apologies to The Who.)

That bag is from Tommy Hilfiger, by the way. See more of the dreaded pseudokilt.

Tommy's Holiday Camp

Bag of Bollocks

I hate her bag. It’s not large enough to be a serviceable backpack, and you know that she just wore it because it coordinates with her shirt. It’s just that kind of cutesy crap that marketers assume I want because I do not possess appendages like the ones in the background.

It was considerate of the kid passing by to try to emulate her stripes-and-plaid motif, don’t you think? He displays much better taste, though.

Bag of Bollocks