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Have Thong—Will Travel

“Her ass looks like it’s sinking to mid-thigh. And of course she’s got a scooter. A cooter scooter.”—Secondshade

Scroll down to see the scooter. This panty paladin is our Specimen of the Week!

Have Thong—Will Travel 1

Have Thong—Will Travel 2

Warp and Woof

Two weaves and some VPL (visible panty line).

Warp and Woof

Breaking Stride

Shall we take bets on which one breaks her ankle first? (Note the visible thong on the one in white.)

Breaking Stride

Ugly-Pants Alert! Bad Moon Rising

I see trouble on the way.

We had some magnificent pimps and hoes this week—including Hope Blings Eternal, the Retired Solid Gold Dancer, and the One-Man Seinfeld Episode—but Bad Moon Rising outshines them all. She’s our Specimen of the Week!

Bad Moon Rising