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Catshit Crazy

“Are the multiple scrunchies a ranking system for crazy cat ladies? She must be an officer.”—Secondshade

Catshit Crazy

Ugly-Pants Alert! Who Moved Her Cheese?

Please put it back so she’ll buy it and leave quickly.

Who Moved Her Cheese?

The Twelfth Day of Fugmas: Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe

Hung where you can see.

I hope you’ve had a holly jolly Fugmas. While several of our entrants had uglier outfits, I felt that with her skankiness—her shirt read, “Drinks well with others”—this woman earned pride of place in our collection (scroll down to see rear view). It’s always sad to see the end of the season, but take heart: I’m already gathering specimens for next Fugmas!

We return to our regular rotation of Themes tomorrow.

Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe 1

Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe 2

Get Out of Town

Far, far out.

Get Out of Town