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Ugly-Pants Alert! RGB

Repugnant, gaudy, buffoonish.

This colorful figure (RGB stands for red, green, and blue, the colors emitted by a monitor or screen to display images) projects our Theme of the Week: Stripes!


Ugly-Pants Alert! Pickpocket

He should pick up his pants while he’s at it.

This sad sagger starts our Theme of the Week: Wardrobe Malfunctions!


This Post Has Been Brought to You by the Letter S

Skanky, slovenly, stupid.

This Post Has Been Brought to You by the Letter S

Ugly-Pants Alert! Not-So-Sugar Skulls

Rancidity at Trader Joe’s.

So ends our Halloween and Day of the Dead Extravaganza. A new Theme starts tomorrow.

Not-So-Sugar Skulls

Ugly-Pants Alert! Circle Jerks

The bottom of the bag reads, “Independently Owned Scholarly Society Since.…” The organization’s name is “Penn” something; I tried googling various word combinations but can’t figure it out.

Circle Jerks

Scandal in the Wind

Never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in.

Scandal in the Wind