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She Begs Your Pardon

She never promised you a rose garden.

She Begs Your Pardon


She raped an Islamic art exhibition for the shorts. The pseudo-tartan of the shirt isn’t helping. I wonder how many more cultures she can offend.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Dragging Ass


Dragging Ass

We Are Two Ladies! Part XVI

We do ladies’ things! Pushing strollers, shopping at Old Navy, wearing short shorts … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

(Review more Two Ladies.)

We Are Two Ladies! Part XVI

Sight Gag

As in, I’m gagging at the sight of that jumpsuit.

These sightseers lead us into our Theme of the Week: Geometric and Abstract Patterns!

Sight Gag

Floozy Flotsam, Part II—Black Bra Edition

Entries 11 through 20 in Floozy Flotsam sport black bras in inappropriate ways. See more Flotsam here.

Floozy Flotsam 11

Floozy Flotsam 12

Note his popped collar.

Floozy Flotsam 13

Floozy Flotsam 14

Floozy Flotsam 15

Floozy Flotsam 16

Floozy Flotsam 17

Floozy Flotsam 18

Floozy Flotsam 19

I saved the best for last.

Floozy Flotsam 20

Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank! Part II

See Part I to learn where the term “Spider-Skank” comes from.

It was a tough choice among her, Surf’s Up, and Shout It Out Loud, but Spidey II swings her way to victory. She is our Specimen of the Week!

Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank! Part II