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Ugly-Pants Alert! Wretched Refuse

Something’s teeming.

Wretched Refuse

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

What’s happening here? Is she wearing her kid’s coat, or is that a severely contorted baby under the backpack?

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ugly-Pants Alert! A Mighty Woman with a Torch

And a less mighty woman with baggage.

A Mighty Woman with a Torch

Ugly-Pants Alert! Give Me Your Tired, Your Sore

Your huddled asses yearning to breathe free.

We conclude our Fourth of July Weekend Extravaganza with this flagging specimen and her companion. I feel as glum as she looks, thinking about having to go back to work tomorrow.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Sore

Ugly-Pants Alert! Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part II

“I don’t go often to the Tamale Kitchen, but when I do, the food is good and the pants are ugly,” remarks Ashley. See Part I.

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Antisocial Butterfly

Save the monarch, but destroy these leggings.

Happy Earth Day!

Antisocial Butterfly

Ugly-Pants Alert! Liberty Frightening the World

Hipster Urkel doesn’t know what to think.

Liberty Frightening the World

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

Your huddled ass cheeks yearning to breathe free.

I guess if you’re going to rock your underwear in a public park, this is the way to do it. What makes this photo is the composition, especially the position of the Statue of Liberty. A happy accident.

Huddled Ass Cheeks