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Ugly-Pants Alert! The IROC-Z28 Douchebird

Me: Is that a cardinal? I don’t think it’s a cardinal, but it doesn’t match any other bird I can find. Maybe I’ll just say it’s a cardinal.

Secondshade: No, don’t say it’s a cardinal. Say it’s the IROC-Z28 Douchebird.

Me: Why?

Secondshade: Because it looks like a Firebird.

The IROC-Z28 Douchebird

Ugly-Pants Alert! Rough Cut

“Are they filming something? Yes, they’re filming, because no one would look that bad on purpose.”—Secondshade

Rough Cut

Ugly-Pants Alert! Unlucky Star

Her ass has gone supernova.

Unlucky Star

Ugly-Pants Alert! She Puts the Terror in Terra-Cotta

What a crackpot.

She Puts the Terror in Terra-Cotta

Ugly-Pants Alert! Circus of the Stars

This amusing spectacle opens our Theme of the Week: Indigenous Patterns and Styles!

Circus of the Stars

Get Out of Town

Far, far out.

Get Out of Town

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Good Die Young

But bad design lives forever.

The Good Die Young