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Ugly-Pants Alert! STERILIZE

When I was coming out of the port-o-potty (I know, but it was hot and I’d had a lot of water), these ladies asked to use some of my hand sanitizer. I should have extracted a promise that they’d sterilize these pants a la NOMAD.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Part II

Bele’s back, this time with appropriate space-age boots. Don’t forget to vote in our poll in Part I.

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Universes Collide

The Ho-lian Web meets the Axes of Evil meets the Jailbreakers. This nexus of noxiousness earns its wearer the Specimen of the Week award!

Universes Collide

Ugly-Pants Poll! Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Trekkies will get the reference.

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Who wore it better?

Exhibit A: Bele

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Lokai

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Ho-lian Web, Part III

This time with flowers, bling, and lace-up stilettos.

(See Part I and Part II.)

The Ho-lian Web, Part III

Ugly-Pants Poll! The Ho-lian Web, Part II

The Ho-lian Web
Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Green Dancing Chick

You’ll remember her from a previous post (in which the Star Trek allusion is explained).

The Ho-lian Web, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: The Man Trap

The Ho-lian Web, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Reporting for Duty

(Thanks go to Snapper for the pic.)

The Ho-lian Web, Exhibit C

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Ho-lian Web

There’s no analogy to this structure in Federation technology. It is, however, an energy field, and if the Tholians are successful in completing this structure before we have completed our repairs, we shall not see home again.

—Spock, Star Trek, “The Tholian Web

The Ho-lian Web

Subterranean Mugato

And her mate, Douchey Longankle.

I hope the pregnant woman and her baby did not suffer adverse effects from exposure to this deadly beast. Thanks go to the intrepid Phil for the photo.

Subterranean Mugato and Douchey Longankle