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Ugly-Pants Alert! A Drop in Ridership

Things are slipping at the MTA.

Thus we roll into our Theme of the Week: Wardrobe Malfunctions!

A Drop in Ridership


She raped an Islamic art exhibition for the shorts. The pseudo-tartan of the shirt isn’t helping. I wonder how many more cultures she can offend.


No Fucks Given

“What is she, fuzzbitch? With a bag like she traveled from Nofuckistan.”—Secondshade

This fuzzy fuckless fiasco is our Specimen of the Week!

No Fucks Given

Oxford Blue

“A Walmart specimen,” writes Kristina. “I have not lost hope, because he was purchasing an Oxford dress shirt.”

This bargain hunter introduces our Theme of the Week: Socks and Leg Warmers!

Oxford Blue

Why Don’t You Make Like a Tree and Leave?

On second thought, stand there and I’ll ax you repeatedly.

Why Don't You Make Like a Tree and Leave?

She Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout Her Bad Reputation

“Do you see now why I won’t let her touch my hair?” writes Ashley, who has photographed her before. “My sister said she’s from Philly—like that’s an excuse for how she dresses.”

(Bonus: I just read that Joan Jett was born in a suburb of Philly [snort].)

She Don't Give a Damn 'Bout Her Bad Reputation