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She’s a Little Verklempt

Talk amongst yourselves.

She's a Little Verklempt

He’s Talkin’ about X!

I only know that your last name … your last name, X, is a symbol … of which all African Americans, from old Mississippi preachers to the Yankee Stadium bleachers. From the topper down, not the bottom up. Gibbety gibbety. Rat-a-tat-tat. I’m talkin’ about X!

X as in great civil rights leader Malcolm X. X as in five-star Las Vegas hotel Excalibur. X as in X-Files, or the show Extra, which is better than Inside Edition. X as in the movie Exorcist III. X as in the band X, and not the Brand X. The X-Man, Nightcrawler and Colossus. X as in I’ll … take … Charlie … Weaver … to block!

—Darrell Hammond as Jesse Jackson, The Dark Side with Nat X, Saturday Night Live

He's Talkin' about X!

Well, It’s Not Scottish

And it’s CRAP!!!

With this distinctly non-Celtic specimen, we begin our Theme of the Week: Plaid and Check Patterns! Thanks go to Secondshade for the title and caption.

Well, It's Not Scottish

Fur-Vest Poll! Ho-Magnons

Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Stick Up Her Ass

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Mange

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Manhunter

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit C


Exhibit D: Unfrozen Cavewoman Tourist

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit D


Exhibit E: High-Class Ho

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit E

Be Somebody! Be a Ho!

The 2014 valedictorian of the Velvet Jones School of Technology.

2014 Valedictorian at the Velvet Jones School of Technology.

Abaragani to You Too, Kevin, and Goodnight

It’s good to see that Queen Shenequa sometimes gets a break from her hectic recording schedule.

Queen Shaniqua

Well, Isn’t That Special?

I wonder who designed this shirt? Who made this little garment of sin and iniquity? Now, who could it be? Could it be …


Sorry, the pattern made me think of stained glass windows, which then made me think of the Church Lady. Incidentally, there is a dearth of Church Lady videos on the interwebs. Methinks NBC has a stranglehold on them. I found only one full-length one from the old days on Saturday Night Live—on NBC’s website, of course.

We'll, Isn't That Special