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The Twelfth Day of Fugmas: Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe

Hung where you can see.

I hope you’ve had a holly jolly Fugmas. While several of our entrants had uglier outfits, I felt that with her skankiness—her shirt read, “Drinks well with others”—this woman earned pride of place in our collection (scroll down to see rear view). It’s always sad to see the end of the season, but take heart: I’m already gathering specimens for next Fugmas!

We return to our regular rotation of Themes tomorrow.

Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe 1

Oh, Ho, the Cameltoe 2

The Ninth Day of Fugmas: O Come All Ye Fake Blondes

Mindless and pretentious.
O come ye, o come ye to SantaCon.

O Come All Ye Fake Blondes

The Eleventh Day of Fugmas: Multiple Santa’s Comin’ to Town

It’s become a recurrent theme in my nightmares.

Multiple Santa's Comin' to Town

The Tenth Day of Fugmas: Big Mac’ing

Sorry, ghetto Ronald McDonald—Waldo’s sister just ain’t that into you.

Big Mac'ing

The Seventh Day of Fugmas: Then One Foggy SantaCon

Santa came to say,
“Douchebag, with your brains so slight,
Don’t you drive home drunk tonight.”

Then One Foggy SantaCon

The Second Day of Fugmas: Two Hoes a-Hoeing

And some love from the NYPD.

Two Hoes a-Hoeing

The Fourth Day of Fugmas: The Sturdy Kind That Doesn’t Mind the Snow

I was disappointed to capture only one specimen during SantaCon. I guess the bad weather kept a lot of the frolicking douchebags indoors. This one didn’t have the sense to dress for the snow. Scroll down for a close-up of her candy ass.

The Sturdy Kind That Doesn't Mind the Snow

The Sturdy Kind That Doesn't Mind the Snow, Close-Up