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She’s Been Walkin’ These Streets So Long, Singin’ the Same Old Song

“What is she, the Pantone Cowboy?”—Secondshade

She's Been Walkin' These Streets So Long, Singin' the Same Old Song

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIII

We do ladies’ things! Clubbing, tottering in high heels, wearing floral smocks … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

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We Are Two Ladies! Part XIII

More Flounce for the Ounce

“I’d like to know if this piece would look good on me. Does anyone with good taste work here?”

More Flounce for the Ounce

They’re Going on a Party Ride

“Are they doing the Electric Slide?”—Secondshade

They're Going on a Party Ride

Footwear Flotsam, Part III—Feline Edition

Entries 21 through 25 in our Footwear Flotsam category display leopard-print boots. See more Flotsam here.

Footwear Flotsam 21

Footwear Flotsam 22

Footwear Flotsam 23

Footwear Flotsam 24

Footwear Flotsam 25

Ugly-Pants Alert! Tammy Tutone

You can change your number; no one’s going to call you anyway.

Tammy Tutone