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Fluff Piece

I would have let her go, but the gloves are too precious.

Fluff Piece

Lost in Love

And they don’t know much.

So ends our Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza. Tomorrow we celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Lost in Love

Ugly-Pants Alert! Everything’s Coming Up Roses

My lunch is also coming up.

This gypsy rose unfolds our Theme of the Week: Floral Patterns!

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Ugly-Pants Alert! Lacroix, Sweetie

“It’s Edina Monsoon.”—Secondshade

This not-so-fab specimen opens our Theme of the Week: Animal Print and Fur!

Lacroix, Sweetie

Ugly-Pants Alert! Flat Taxation

“So basically they’re both lamenting their lack of butt cheeks?”—Secondshade

Flat Taxation

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Original Candy Wafer

“It looks like her ass is made of NECCO wafers.”—Secondshade

The Original Candy Wafer