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She Comes in Colors Everywhere

She combs her hair.
She’s like a rainbow.

She Comes in Colors Everywhere

Beaming with Pride

We postpone the start of our Theme of the Week to wish our LGBT readers a happy Pride!

Beaming with Pride

She’s Not in the Mood to Be Stared At

She said nothing about being photographed. (Scroll down for rear view.)

Her sign is disingenuous: surely she’s dressing like that to be noticed. How could she expect not to be? And if she’s as anti-establishment as her outfit suggests, shouldn’t she be growing her own ingredients and making her own pesto quinoa rather than supporting a massive global company like Aldi, owner of Trader Joe’s?

That sounds good, pesto quinoa. I’ve got to get Secondshade on that. Enjoy the Specimen of the Week. She might be Specimen of the Year; she’s certainly one of the best I’ve ever found. What do you think?

She's Not in the Mood to Be Stared At 1

She's Not in the Mood to Be Stared At 1

Ugly-Pants Alert! Under the Rainbow

I didn’t know rainbows could shart.

Under the Rainbow

Ugly-Pants Alert! Chow Not-So-Fun

She’ll stab a bitch.

Chow Not-So-Fun

She Puts the Cray in Crayola

“She looks like a Crayola box gangbang.”—Secondshade

She’s our Specimen of the Week!

She Puts the Cray in Crayon

Ugly-Pants Alert! Chasing Rainbows

Keep trying, sweetheart. It was nice of you to match the CVS display window, though.

Chasing Rainbows

Might As Well Jump

She can parachute to safety, and searchers won’t fail to spot her.

She is our Specimen of the Week!

Might As Well Jump

Ugly-Pants Alert! Winging It

She should have put more thought into her attire.

Winging It

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Good Die Young

But bad design lives forever.

The Good Die Young