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It Takes Diff’rent Strokes to Move the World

Yes, it does.

It Takes Diff'rent Strokes to Move the World

Oh the Japanity! Part XXVII

Why am I imagining her with those hideous anime contact lenses?

Peep at more Japanity here.

Oh the Japanity! Part XXVII

Jasper Johns’ Nightmare

“One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag. The next night I dreamed that I saw my painting on someone’s ass.”

Jasper Johns' Nightmare

The Butterfly Effect

Chaos theory has a lot to answer for.

The Butterfly Effect

Affront and Back

“I really wish I had gotten a back view of her as well,” writes Ashley. “That plain-looking black sweater is actually all lace in the back.”

Grateful to have been spared that sight, we start our Theme of the Week: Clashing Patterns!

Affront and Back

More Flounce for the Ounce

“I’d like to know if this piece would look good on me. Does anyone with good taste work here?”

More Flounce for the Ounce

Ugly-Pants Alert! Cousin Samantha

“Uncle Sam’s idiot niece.”—Secondshade

Cousin Samantha

Faunal Flotsam, Part IV—Fur Edition

Entries 26 through 35 in Faunal Flotsam are clad in fur, real or faux. See more Flotsam here.

Faunal Flotsam 26

Faunal Flotsam 27

Faunal Flotsam 28

Faunal Flotsam 29

Faunal Flotsam 30

Faunal Flotsam 31

Faunal Flotsam 33

Faunal Flotsam 34

Faunal Flotsam 35

Ugly-Pants Alert! Blinded by the Light

Revved up like a deuce.

Blinded by the Light