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Crack of Doom

Here’s another Facebook classic. I posted him on July 1, 2012, after spotting him through a bus window. He is our Specimen of the Week! Enjoy these comments he garnered:

You don’t want to know the amount of Crack of Doom I saw when they were doing construction at my work.

I thought the crack of doom was [Secondshade].

You should start a “Crack Of Doom” website. Kinda like the people of Walmart site.… Or give out violation tickets for showing ass crack in public places.

[Secondshade] needs to start wearing a unitard, or stop allowing him to go out in public.

Wow, I guess for some people those super-low-rise jeans will never go out of style. Maybe he needs a man thong to complete the ensemble?

I have to stop myself multiple times a day from screaming “pull up your pants!!!” I want to be cool about this sort of thing, but damnit, I just don’t wanna see asscrack/underwear/whatever. If it belongs in your pants keep it there!!! mmmmkay???

Is he single? This look gets me hot.

I would imagine he is single.

I’m assuming that if his pants were one inch lower, it would look like Don King was trying to escape the Crack of Doom.

A person has to know when that is happening … a cool breeze across unexpected skin, the warmth of the sun’s rays on your mergers, the snickers and camera clicks from passers-by….  And I regularly whip out my teacher voice to remind people to pull ’em up.

Maybe a squirt gun to alert the offender that his crack is available to the public?

Loaded with habanero sauce.

Or liquid ass.

I’m guessing this fine upstanding citizen has more than enough duck butter to go around.

Doesn’t habanero sauce *create* liquid ass?

Crack of Doom