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Ugly-Pants Alert! Emoji Sick

She’s a special character all right.

Emoji Sick

Ugly-Pants Alert! When You’re Smileys

When you’re smileys,
The whole world laughs at you.

When You're Smileys

Ugly-Pants Alert! Every Pictogram Tells a Story

These say, “I have no taste.”

Thus we open our Theme of the Week: Indigenous Patterns and Styles!

Every Pictogram Tells a Story

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Eye of Whore-us

Buzz da Artist, who drew the illustration on the “about” page, found this Egyptian princess and her attendants at the airport. He almost missed his flight because he stopped to take this picture for me. He’s pretty selfless for an evil genius, don’t you think?

Eye of Whore-us