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The Middle Ground between Light and Shadow

If The Twilight Zone were an outfit.

The Middle Ground between Light and Shadow

Ugly-Pants Alert! Frondzone

An unpleasant place to be.

Happy Palm Sunday to our Christian readers. The Theme of the Week starts this evening.


Floral Flotsam, Part VIII—Tropical Edition

The days are turning colder, but we can dream of warmer climes. Entries 56 through 65 of Floral Flotsam feature tropical patterns. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 56

Floral Flotsam 57

Floral Flotsam 58

Floral Flotsam 59

Floral Flotsam 60

Floral Flotsam 61

Floral Flotsam 62

Floral Flotsam 63

Floral Flotsam 64

Floral Flotsam 65

They’re Going on a Party Ride

“Are they doing the Electric Slide?”—Secondshade

They're Going on a Party Ride

Oh the Japanity! Part XXI

It’s a jungle out there.

Tour more Japanity here.

Oh the Japanity! Part XXI

Floral Flotsam, Part V—Just for Men

We’re all about equal opportunity here. In our experience, men abuse floral patterns less often than women do, but when they do, the results are just as heinous. Entries 31 to 35 in Floral Flotsam are all about the bros (with one female conspirator in ugly leggings). See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 31

Floral Flotsam 32

Floral Flotsam 33

Floral Flotsam 34

Floral Flotsam 35

Ugly-Pants Alert! Headless in Texas

“Saw this today in an antique store / ladies’ boutique,” writes Robert. “I suppose you’d have to lose your head to pick these tights!”

Headless in Texas


Then came we to a pleasant coast gay with blossoms of every hue, where as far inland as we could see basked lovely groves and radiant arbors beneath a meridian sun.… And the bearded man spoke no word, but watched me as we approached the lily-lined shore. Suddenly a wind blowing from over the flowery meadows and leafy woods brought a scent at which I trembled. The wind grew stronger, and the air was filled with the lethal, charnel odor of plague-stricken towns and uncovered cemeteries. And as we sailed madly away from that damnable coast the bearded man spoke at last, saying, “This is Xura, the Land of Pleasures Unattained.”

—H.P. Lovecraft, “The White Ship” (1919)

Xura—who is best left unattained, in my opinion—is our Pattern Mixer of the Week! Thanks go to Snapper for the photo.