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Ugly-Pants Alert! Rough Cut

“Are they filming something? Yes, they’re filming, because no one would look that bad on purpose.”—Secondshade

Rough Cut

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

Ashley notes that these are two-toned stockings and that they have a bear design on the front. I think we can all be glad that we’ve been spared the front view.

In honor of the third specimen from the Tamale Kitchen, I’ve made Not-So-Hot Tamale a category!

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

Ugly-Pants Alert! Scarlet Charlotte

Is sick of your shenanigans.

Scarlet Charlotte

Ugly-Pants Alert! Streaming for Attention

There’s a party on her pants, but no one’s coming.

Streaming for Attention

Bold as Brassiere

I was going to give the Totally Tubular Twins the Specimen of the Week Award, but I’ve decided to give it to her instead, for two reasons: her exemplary use of the bra as a top, and her confidence. The TT Twins have the taut bodies of young gym rats, and they know it. This woman is not as young or as thin, but she’s putting it out there. I’ve got to give her props for that, if for nothing else (certainly not for her good taste).

Bold as Brassiere

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Wearing of the Green

There ought to be a law against the wearing of these pants.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Wearing of the Green

Ugly-Pants Alert! Black Star Sapphire

She’s winking at you.

Black Star Sapphire

Ugly-Pants Alert! Pine Nut

Don’t shake her tree.

Pine Nut