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Ugly-Pants Alert! Pride Goeth before a Fall

Literally—he was at San Francisco Pride.

Scroll down for a closer view of the pants. Thanks go to Snapper for the photos.

Pride Goeth before a Fall 1

Pride Goeth before a Fall 2

Ugly-Pants Alert! Packing a Punch

It looks as if a fist is about to sock her right in the ass. I approve.

Packing a Punch

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

Ashley notes that these are two-toned stockings and that they have a bear design on the front. I think we can all be glad that we’ve been spared the front view.

In honor of the third specimen from the Tamale Kitchen, I’ve made Not-So-Hot Tamale a category!

Not-So-Hot Tamale, Part III

The Sixth Day of Fugmas: Wookiee for Love

In all the wrong places.

Wookiee for Love

Do You Know Where You’re Going To

Do you like the things that life’s been showing you?

Do You Know Where You're Going To

No Leg to Stand On

I’m fantasizing about sweeping his leg and hearing his head crack against Starbucks’ window. Is that wrong?

No Leg to Stand On