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Ugly-Pants Alert! Hiked Up

Groceries are so expensive these days.

I wasn’t able to post much last week, so this week I’ll continue with the theme of Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Hiked Up

Ugly-Pants Alert! In Flagrant Fields the Poppies Blow

Between the diamonds, row on row.

We break from our regularly scheduled Theme to wish our American readers a Happy Memorial Day.

In Flagrant Fields the Poppies Blow

Ugly-Pants Alert! Geroniho

A stout and colorful figure, and our Specimen of the Week!


Ugly-Pants Alert! The Hills Are Alive

With the look of tacky.

The Hills Are Alive

Barnes & Noble Savage

“I see more atrocious outfits here in the lap of rich white hipsterville than almost anywhere,” writes Ashley, who found this specimen in the Barnes & Noble café.

Barnes & Noble Savage

Ugly-Pants Alert! Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

At least I think those are headdresses. Maybe they’re the gaping mouths of hell.

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Ugly-Pants Alert! In High Gear

And knee-deep in her own bullshit.

In High Gear