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Ugly-Pants Alert! O … Canada

“Even Canadians would disavow that shit,” writes Margaret, who found these on a post dedicated to people who love fall.

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers! Our regularly scheduled Theme resumes this evening.

O … Canada

Ketchup and Mustard

But unpalatable for all that.

Ketchup and Mustard

Ugly-Pants Alert! Karma Is a Bitch

If these horrendous interpretations of the wheel of life are any indication.

 Karma Is a Bitch

Ugly-Pants Alert! Indian Takeout, Part II

Another one who needs to take herself back in again. See Part I.

Indian Takeout, Part II

Wicked Garden

No one wants to run through hers except this guy, perhaps.

Wicked Garden

Hot Flash in the Pan

“She looks like a menopausal cupcake.”—Secondshade

Hot Flash in the Pan

Ugly-Pants Alert! Indian Takeout

She should take her ass back in.

Indian Takeout