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Ugly-Pants Alert! A Drop in Ridership

Things are slipping at the MTA.

Thus we roll into our Theme of the Week: Wardrobe Malfunctions!

A Drop in Ridership

Ugly-Pants Alert! Chow Not-So-Fun

She’ll stab a bitch.

Chow Not-So-Fun

Ugly-Pants Poll! Oppan Gingham Style

Oppan Gingham Style
Who wore it worse?


(Here’s the reference, in case you want to torture yourself aurally and visually. )

Exhibit A: Red Pimpin’

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Green Gangsta

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit B

Floral Flotsam, Part VIII—Tropical Edition

The days are turning colder, but we can dream of warmer climes. Entries 56 through 65 of Floral Flotsam feature tropical patterns. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 56

Floral Flotsam 57

Floral Flotsam 58

Floral Flotsam 59

Floral Flotsam 60

Floral Flotsam 61

Floral Flotsam 62

Floral Flotsam 63

Floral Flotsam 64

Floral Flotsam 65

Footwear Flotsam

Like our other Flotsam categories, Footwear Flotsam will show relatively undistinguished specimens that don’t merit their own posts. The first ten entries are below; look for more Flotsam in the coming weeks.

Footwear Flotsam 1

Footwear Flotsam 2

Footwear Flotsam 3

Footwear Flotsam 4

Footwear Flotsam 5

Footwear Flotsam 6

Footwear Flotsam 7

Footwear Flotsam 8

Footwear Flotsam 9

Footwear Flotsam 10