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Ugly-Pants Alert! The Starry Blight

Van Gogh’s time in the asylum was rougher than we thought.


Flying High

“If you’re going to look like a stewardess, you should remember that stewardesses generally don’t look like they’ve been molested by Sid Vicious.”—Secondshade

Thus we launch into our Theme of the Week: Pimps and Hoes!

Flying High

Wild, Wild West

It’s my policy not to make fun of people from non-Western cultures in their native dress. The shirt, bag, and shoes make this one fair game.

Wild, Wild West

Faunal Flotsam, Part VI—Pink Edition

Entries 46 through 50 in Faunal Flotsam have pink as a predominant color. See more Flotsam here.

Faunal Flotsam 46

Faunal Flotsam 47

Faunal Flotsam 48

Faunal Flotsam 49

Faunal Flotsam 50

Ugly-Pants Alert! Booty Boop


Booty Boop

Spilling over the Side

Is she coming off like she’s crazy?

When I spotted her, she was sitting on the steps of the subway station. These are narrow steps of an always-busy station, and it was rush hour; people had to jostle around her. She hauled herself up when the train came in and started pushing people out of the way. I guess having a cane (just visible in the lower right portion of the photo) entitles you to be an asshole.

P.S. This ADA-accessible station has an elevator.

Spilling over the Side