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Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank! Part II

See Part I to learn where the term “Spider-Skank” comes from.

It was a tough choice among her, Surf’s Up, and Shout It Out Loud, but Spidey II swings her way to victory. She is our Specimen of the Week!

Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank! Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Leaktaker

Don’t tell me you didn’t think the same thing.

And for you MST3K buffs, here’s the reference.


Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank!

I wish I could take credit for that line.

Spider Skank! Spider Skank!

Ugly-Pants Alert! Track of the Blue Beast

The title comes from the phenomenally shitty movie Track of the Moon Beast, which was roasted to great comedic effect by the guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you’ve got an hour and a half to spare, you can watch the entire MST3K version, but don’t miss the highlights clip—it’s definitely worth the 10 minutes.

There’s been a lot of blue and grey leopard print around lately. On the day I found these horrendous yoga pants, Ashley sent me the photo of the leopard-print jacket below.

Track of the Blue Beast 1

Track of the Blue Beast 2